Monday, March 9, 2015


Delight.  I've been pondering what it really means to delight in the Lord.  It seems simple at times and at other times, profound.  True love is like that.

Spurgeon has words that make me weep, so I will let him speak today on this rich subject.  What is delight?

"If you look at the word, it is flashing with light, it sparkles like a star, no, like a bright constellation, radiant with sweet influences like the Pleiades.  It is joy, yet it is more, it is joy running over; it is rest, but such a rest as allows of the utmost activity of every passion of the soul.


It is mirth without its froth.  Delight!  It is peace, yet it is more than that, it is peace celebrated with festivity, with all the streamers hanging in the streets, and all the music playing in the soul.


To what shall I compare it?  It is a stray word that belongs to the language of Paradise."


"You must take the word and spell it over, letter by letter, and then you must pray God to put your hearts into a sweet frame of mind, made up of the following ingredients--a perfect rest from all earthly care; a perfect resignation of yourself into God's hands; an intense confidence in His Love for you; a divine love to Him, so that you feel you would be anything or do anything for Him!  Then, there must be added to all this, a joy in Him; and when you have these, they must be all set a-boiling, and then, by His Grace, you have delight in the Lord your God!"

Matthew Henry says, "Desire is love in action, like a bird on the wing; delight is love in rest, like a bird on its nest."

Such beautiful words to chew on.

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