Monday, March 9, 2015

Stitch Fix #2

The snow delay turned me into a mad woman this go-round.  I was stalking my tracking number like a maniac, ready for my special delivery! I received my second "Fix" today!  Color me happy!

This time, I requested bright colors, specifically blue.  Tiffany (my stylist!) delivered beautiful shades of blue, all of which make me happy since winter is not dying.

I also requested boyfriend jeans.  I was disappointed that they didn't have my size in stock, so I guess I will have to request those at another time.

What I am really loving about Stitch Fix is that I can try on everything in the comfort of my home...mixing things with items in my closet to see if it is really worth keeping. (OK, that and I love to play dress up in a world of Under Armour clad boys.)

Here is my little box of happies!


1.  Coral/Peach Aztec drape cardigan in a perfect lightweight material.  Normally, I don't pick out pastels, but maybe I should branch out a little bit.  I love this color and how it happily transitions us to spring!  I think a pair of white skinny jeans would look better than my wide leg pants, so maybe I can request some of those next! Status:  keep.

2.  This little bohemian tie dye cardigan.  It is the perfect weight and such a fun piece!  I would totally keep it except it is just way too big.  Status:  Return (sniff.)
3. This gem that has a little keyhole detail and very fun for summer.  It's just too big, though.  Eric thinks it is frumpy.  Status:  Return
4.  Ahhh. Now we are talking!  Turquoise might be the happiest shade in the world.  Well, that and hot pink.  This little tab sleeve blouse has 3/4 length sleeves and is the perfect piece to wear with black skinny jeans.  It is very versatile...I found tons of scarves, jackets, and necklaces in my closet that will coordinate with it!  Status:  Keep!

5.  This crochet detailed blouse is just beautiful!  The same cut out detail runs across the top of the back of the shirt, too.  It is romantic and elegant, but also casual enough for everyday.  The style of the shirt is pretty similar to the turquoise, so I am sadly sending it back.  It also costs a little more than I am comfortable with for shirts. Status:  Return

I have to give credit to my rock star photographer.  Kudos to this cutie.  If you would like to try Stitch Fix for yourself, then here is the link.  You pay $20 as a stylist fee which includes shipping your box.  The good news is that this money goes towards anything you keep!

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