Thursday, August 25, 2011

happy birthday to my mom!

I can't believe you are only 39
I am catching up waaaaaay toooo fast

I am proud to be your daughter
proud to resemble you in some ways
proud to call you friend

I am blessed that you taught me about Jesus
blessed to have learned a thing or two from you
blessed to know some of the hidden recesses of your heart

I am happy that God knit me together in your womb
happy that we have fun when we are together
happy to celebrate another year of life with you

{I'll love you forever
I'll like you for always...}


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Debbie,

It is truly an honor to be your son-in-law for the past 13+ years. Thanks for raising such a Godly and marvelous daughter. I love you very much!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Debbie, just now reading this post. Happy late Birthday. Hope you had a great day and thanks again for the wonderful parenting job you and Jerry did in raising Becke'. We, along with you and Jerry, are reaping the benefit of all those years of hard work. You are a blessing.

Love you,
Herb and Barb