Monday, August 15, 2011

The Last Summer Hoorah

Other than weddings, we hadn't had a chance to take the boys anywhere this summer, so we took over Branson for the weekend for one last summer hoorah.  Or only summer hoorah.  Whatever.

We stayed at a hotel that had an indoor water park which was great fun for the kids.  Eric and I sat there in tears and with headaches because the chlorine is sooooo strong.  I guess having no ventilation doesn't help matters.  The boys seemed fine with it...hopefully not too many brain cells were damaged!  The hotel has an indoor black light putt putt golf course that is really fun!

We went to Silver Dollar City on Friday with Kirby, Jen, and Hunter (Jen's bro that is Cade's age.)  I have no pictures...and it is a good thing I didn't carry around a camera cause we all walked around soaked the whole day!  But, it was great fun.  This was the boys' first time there and they LOVED it!  Cade road a BIG roller coaster.  He LOVED it!  He is growing up too fast.  Eli and I agreed that the best seat in the house was watching him...we were getting woozy just trying to count how many times he went upside down.

Friday night we ate yummy food at Landry's.  I was kind of cold...the weather was just beautiful, but the rain had come.  Gumbo seemed to be perfect for the evening! 

Saturday we went to the Amazing Pets Show and the boys just thought it was well, amazing

Now, we are furiously getting our house back in order and getting ready to label all of the school supplies.  For whatever reason, the school year snuck up on me this year and I can't believe I am saying this, but I am just not ready for those boys to go back to school yet. 

No more swimming.  Sniff. 

Did your kids start school today?  How did it go?  Did you celebrate or cry?


Erica said...

hahah! the amazing pets show pics crack me up! :) classic branson.

glad you guys had fun...I think the summer boredom avoidance list must have done the trick! (wait, summer happened? It will take several years to realize I don't get summers off anymore :)

Kelli said...

I'm so glad you guys got to do this. Yay for last summer hurrahs! We are starting homeschool after labor day so we still have a couple of weeks. The kids are so excited, though, that they want to start right now. That's a good thing. This Mama needs time to get herself organized and mentally prepared, though. Love you! :)

Cassie said... said...

we loved Amazing Pets! Some of your pics were the very same as mine! too funny!

Kim said...

Branson is always so fun! My girls love the indoor water park, black light putt putt, and SDC! The girls started yesterday. I was too busy to stop and get sad. Although at one point while I was putting up the mower, I got a little down realizing how much I was missing them. :( They got good teachers and have enjoyed both days so far!!!