Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nighttime Moments of Glory

I lean down to cradle the youngest in our nightly ritual.  I have learned how to love him in this manner.  I wrap my arms tight around his frame and allow my heartbeat to fall into sync with his own.  I stay there.  I linger and breathe slowly.  For years, I rushed.  But, now I savor the hugs that allow heartbeats to become one.  His sense of touch allows his heart to explode with love.  So now I know not to let go until he pulls away.  During those slow moments, my soul whispers prayers that point to his salvation and purpose.  After moments of allowing my inner being to breathe the way it was meant to, I go to the next son.

The son that is caught in the middle.  I often just kiss his forehead or cheeks since he is so far up.  But, in moments of grace, I climb the shaky ladder that leads to his nightly abode.  I remember how hot air definitely rises.  I am reminded to make sure he doesn't use as many covers as the others.  He is his own person.  Caught in the middle and yet nothing like his older and younger brothers.  We cuddle and count the glow in the dark stars that I never take note of until I am up here.  With just him.  He giggles, loving the fact that he finally has mommy all to himself.  He lets out a big sigh when I tell him that the biggest waits.

I know what is to be expected when I enter that boy's room.  It isn't what I would typically expect of the mature first born who always chooses the disciplined thing over the fun thing.  And that is why it is so priceless.  I walk in, relishing in the fact that my preteen is simply being a kid again.  I want him to remember and savor the moments of childhood that are too fleeting.  He grins all over himself as I lean down for our tickle session.  He squirms and I evade the long legs that fly out kicking.  We fall into a tizzy of laughter as he climbs under the covers.

These moments of glory that come before eyelids fall...why did I used to rush them?  Didn't I know how fast the times go?

"Teach us to realize the brevity of life so that we may grow in wisdom."  Psalm 90:12 NLT


Bugs and Sunshine said...

WOW, that was beautifully written Beck, truly amazing!!

Heather said...


Jennifer said...

What a great post! You are SO right. Thanks for the reminder! We used to rush the bedtime routine (and still catch ourselves doing it sometimes) but we are really trying to slow it down and relax.

Erica said...

warm fuzzies! you are so blessed

Cassie said... said...

you have got to love boys!

Vanessa said...

Here goes my first comment on any blog!!!! Wow, I'm behind the times!

I loved this, sometimes we forget and take the simplest things for granted. When they are the very things that make us so happy and blessed!

Keep 'em coming!! I love to read your posts!! :)

Have a great day!!

Anonymous said...

sniff, sniff
Time does fly....all of my extra bedrooms now sit empty...clean, but empty.