Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2015 Book Reviews!

It's a fresh new year and time for some book reviews said no one ever!  Well, we've been cooped up with flu and what-not so I've had a little extra reading time.  You may want to add these to your 2015 list!

1.  This book!  God's Smuggler by Brother Andrew

What an adventure!  I bought it for Cade for Christmas, trying to point him towards books that will have some eternal significance. Well, bless him, he is writing his "History Day" paper which is over 2000 words so far.  Since he has little reading time, I snatched it off his desk and devoured it.  It's been a long time since I read a non-fiction book that gripped me.  I was blown away!  If you are hungry to see God, this book is a great faith-building read.

2.  The Prisoner in the Third Cell by Gene Edwards

This is a fictional (but based on scripture) telling of what John the Baptist's life may have been like.  I love stories like this because it helps the characters really come alive.  They were human and had doubts, just like us.  This is a quick read, I wish it had been longer.  I took away one thing from this book: sometimes our God does not live up to our expectations.  What are we going to do in that crisis of faith?  This book was so encouraging, knowing giants of the faith (John the Baptist!) probably had moments where he questioned the very Savior he had spent his life preparing the way for.

3.  The Skinny Taste Cookbook by Gina Homolka

I asked for this little gem for Christmas.  I love to eat good food and well, I need to cut out unnecessary calories.  We have tried the oven baked chicken, vegetable fried rice, and crock pot Santa Fe chicken.  All the meals have been delish, but you can't compare them to fried chicken, take out Chinese, or Mexican fajitas.  I love having some "lower" calorie recipes to use throughout the week so I can splurge on a David's Burger on Friday nights.  {Complete with a Root Beer.} The photographer in me appreciates the amazing food pictures!

4.  The Sweetest Thing by Elizabeth Musser

If you need to get lost in a good fiction book, this is it.  It is the story of two girls and their sweet friendship that carries them through heartache.  The character development is rich and the mystery components kept me guessing until the end.  This book is full of good theology, too!

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