Friday, January 23, 2015

Saba (God's revealed meaning.)

Moop and Saba.

It was 7 years ago that I started this blog.  The littles were 7, 5, and 2. The baby hadn't even been thought up in our hearts yet.  I wanted a space where I could watch them grow.  Cause grow like weeds, they do.  I knew with my fleeting memory that I would need a place to freeze them in tiny increments, baby fat and all.  I wanted to record little childlike words like "moop" (milk) and "saba" (excuse me.)  The first post is here.

I was allowed one full month of blogging bliss until my world imploded in on itself.  My sister died. Not a single person left behind was prepared for the ramifications of that. 

God took my blog that day and started to morph it into what He intended for it to be all along...a place for my heart to beat on the keyboard as I questioned everything from His goodness to whether He really hears prayers.  Moop and Saba was all the sudden a holy ground of sorts where He would take me rich into His word and teach me who He really was.  Between the Word and the meager words I therapeutically needed to get down, healing began.

Over the past seven years, He has satisfied me over and over again with His true self.  No, He isn't cruel as I temporarily held on to. Yes, He hears every prayer, even the ones tucked away in the recesses of my heart.  Yes, there is purpose to everything and He graces us with the ability to release our "rights" to make sense of it all.

I wanted to tell you a fun little thing because sometimes we need to see that God is working.  All around, He is at work, whether you can see His fingerprints or not. 

Yesterday, this God whom I have come to delight in surprised me.

He told me that "Saba" (part of my blog's name) is a Hebrew word.

It means this:  satisfied, fed to the full, to have abundance

Seven years ago, I didn't care so much about the Hebrew definition of words in the Bible.  But, today I am slightly obsessed. God knew that seven years later, the Hebrew word "Saba" would delight me to no end.

Do you not just love Him?  I named my blog after kid-talk and He, at the same time, was naming it for what He was going to do with it.  His purpose through this small site was to start to reveal Himself and give me a place to jot it down so I could remember Him. 

Here I am, seven years later, satisfied. Satisfied with grace.  Satisfied with His Sovereignty and ways I don't grasp.  Satisfied with Him.

He is good and He can be trusted. He is at work, sometimes not revealing things until years later.  What a detailed and mysterious and heart-making-happy God we have.

He is quite fond of you.

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Samantha Barnes said...

Love this! God is so clever and wonderful.

I still remember some of those earliest posts on your blog. It was my freshman year in college and I was feeling disconnected from my church family and I always felt like I could keep up when I would read your blog and Anna's blog.