Wednesday, January 14, 2015

And Then He Was 12.

12 years.  What's a Momma to do with that?  It was just yesterday that I was ripped wide as 10.5 pounds of pure joy landed into my arms.  The joy of the Lord is on this one.  He can talk my ear off.  He loves soccer and soccer players and soccer shoes and soccer hairstyles and soccer balls and soccer like no other.  He is a smart one, high A's every time.  He dotes on his baby brother like he hung the moon.  He loves big.  He cries big, especially lately. He has a wish list of things he is going to allow himself to get once he is an "adult" filled with important things like hamsters. He is messy and fearless and fun and life. He laughs with his whole countenance as his eyes squint into oblivion.
We call him Eli.
Happy birthday, second born.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday YahYah. Elijah Joel, you are so special and so loved. You bring much joy into every life you touch! We love you. Mim & SirPa