Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Clothing 101 Circa 2010

Oh, you've just gotta help a girl out. I have some birthday money I have been hanging onto in hopes of some new clothes. Let me just say this about the clothing styles right now:

It is a crazy jungle out there, girlfriends.

The style is all about funky tshirts with either zippers or lace or some other 80's inspired get-up. The jeans are all skin tight with zippers in places that just shouldn't be. And there are cargoes made out of satin.

I am not even sure I like any of it, much less do I know what the heck to do with it!

Here is the real problem: Anna inspired me to give away all the clothing that I am not currently loving. Since I am not sure I love much of anything in the ol' closet, I settled on giving away things I am not wearing...either because they are circa 2005 and I am sick to death of them or because they don't fit.

One lucky gal from Freecycle must have been jumping up and down from all the loot found in the ginormous trash sack. That is, if she enjoys clothing from half a decade ago.

Don't worry, I didn't trash my favorite four-year-old-size-8-jean-capris that fit me no matter what I size I really am. These capris are like the jeans on "The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants." They are really quite magical. Nevermind the fact that they look like they are four years old.

So, my question to you is how do I go from here? I want to look cute, but also my age, and there seems to be a deep cavern between 80's rocker chick and frumpy elastic waistband crinkly cotton chick. Not there there is anything wrong with those, I just feel like I belong somewhere in the middle.

If you are a fashionista, will you help a girl out? (Doesn't blogger know fashionista is a real word?)


Erica said...

at least your 'dated' styles don't actually have the date on them like my circa 2003 t-shirts. That being said, I'll keep my fashion advice to myself :) (after all, my profession does fall under the khaki and polo dress code...therefore I have no hope)

Kirby said...

You shoulda held on to all your "old" clothes, they'd be back in style in about 10-15 years anyway!

Kelli said...

The current styles are a bit wacky, although I have to say I'm totally digging the cute little flowy dresses that are out right now. I want one for every day of the week. :)

Pam said...

I'm definitely not one to comment on anything fashion but I did want to say how great your beach family picture is. So good of everyone which I know is a huge accomplishment with 3 boys.