Monday, July 19, 2010

The Watermelon Feast

We cut into the juiciest and sweetest watermelon last night. The boys had a ball eating their chunks of goodness!

I am curious: How do you eat your watermelon?
Is it by stealing your friend's piece?

Is it by poking holes into the watermelon, creating crevices for the seeds to fall out once you dump the slice upside down? (And contrary to the picture below, I do indeed feed that fella!)

Do you get on all fours to eat your watermelon?

Or do you eat it with your dirty feet?

Personally, I like to have 2 huge chunks: one salted and one unsalted. I take a bite of salted watermelon and then chase it down with a bite of sweet. It is a vicious cycle that creates many trips to the bathroom later on.
How do you eat your watermelon?


Cassie said... said...

Salt baby!

Kelli said...

No salt for me (blech) but I could eat an entire large watermelon all by myself. Yummy. Does Eric like watermelon? Lee doesn't and I think he's weird for that that. Who doesn't like watermelon?!

Anonymous said...

I do like watermelon my sister-in-law. Lee is the only weird one like that!!!!!!