Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sweet Love

I got my sweet baby girl "fix" today. She is a doll, I am telling you!


Jenny said...

adorable:) newborns are my FAVORITE:)

Bugs and Sunshine said...

ok i'm catching up on blogs this am and LOVE the pics of this sweet girl. those would all be precious in big old 11 X 14's!!!!

second, i LOVED your post yesterday. it was so good and seems to be what i've kind of been thinking about too. it was very encouraging.

thirdly about the clothes. that post made me laugh out loud. my big tip is this: bottoms up. what bottoms do you need? capris, shorts, skirts, a pair of jean, a pair of lightweight khakis? look for the bottoms first. after you get a versatile pair that fits great then you can start looking for 2-4 tops that work well with that pair of bottoms.

i always say go with solid color stuff just because it layers with jackets so well and mixes and matches easily.

(p.s. you always look adorable by the way)

Michelle said...

That baby girl just melts your heart! Beautiful job capturing that bundle of preciousness (yes that is a word)