Monday, June 14, 2010

The 10th Birthday Party

My firstborn is turning ten tomorrow. I have had the joy of calling him my son for a whole decade. Where does the time go?

Cade chose rock wall climbing for his party this year and it was a hit! It was an all-boy party which suits me just fine. I hope he still wants to have all-boy parties when he is 16. hee.

Cade's long arms and legs enabled him to climb that wall as if he had been born to do it. He was up and down so fast that I hardly had time to take his picture.

Eli is giving it a shot!
Sam wanted to try, too! Lil bit isn't afraid of nothing!
Razorback basketball cake anyone?

You are cuter than cute to me and always will be.

Happy 10th. sniff.


Anonymous said...

Happy 10th birthday(tomorrow) Cade!
Your party looked like a blast!
We are so proud of the boy you are and of the man you are becoming. You have such a good heart.
Your Mom is are cuter than cute!
Love you, Mim and Sir

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Cade! As handsome as you are on the outside, it is just a drop in the bucket compared to how beautiful your heart is. It shows in so many ways. Your:
obedience to authority
how you treat your brothers
encouragement to those around you
being a gentleman
I pray your birthday today is fun, and full of blessings.

We love you bunches,
Papa, Bebe, & Grandmother