Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Beach...Friend Edition

Girls gone wild...beach style. The beach is fun no matter what, but throw in some good friends, and it becomes hilarious. We had a great time reading, eating candy, laughing, eating shrimp, putting snakes in Michelle's bed, eating Erica's dessert creations, riding go karts, body surfing, digging our toes in the sand, celebrating birthdays, playing card games, and, umm, did I say eating yet?

me, Erica, Michelle, and Beth

Erica and her squeeze, Andy

Chelle and Todd

Don't you love her hat?

Michelle, you are such a good sport to wear your birthday hat from the boys during breakfast at Cracker Barrel. You even wore it on top of your already existing are a trooper, I tell ya! You're the cutest 40 year old I've ever seen!

Beth and Beck...soaking up some rays.

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the Fosters said...

There is nothing like good girlfriends!! Looks like so much fun! Wish I were there right now!