Monday, August 9, 2010

The Buddy Weekend

Eric and I have sweet friends that wanted to celebrate their anniversary the best way possible: without kids. So, we had a couple more boys over the weekend. My boys loved having someone to play with that didn't have the title "brother."

The first thing I did was kick them all outside to play in the kiddie pool. (The trick is to wear them out so they will eat well and sleep well, right?) They played in the kiddie pool "boy" style with lots of jumps and tricks and shenanigans. I even captured some of those moments.
This is Sam going head first. Cool shot, but I am not sure he loved the feeling of it.

Buds...same age and grade.
One of these kids is not like the others...
His Momma assured me that 4 year old sweetness insisted on packing his suit to wear to church. We tried to tell him that all the other boys were wearing shorts, to which he replied, "But, Miss Becke', we are going to church!"
As if I didn't love him enough, he later told me after church that my burritoes were "Dang good!"

Who can resist a little man in a suit?

Come back real soon, fellas!


Kim said...

You are such a great friend!

Bugs and Sunshine said...

oh i'm laughing SO HARD at the suit.

he had some big shoes to follow in big bro's steps and i think he's filling them right nice!!!