Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kiley's Birthday...let's party.

August 19th...Kiley would be 27 years old. I had an that came to me after a sweet friend made a donation to a charity in memory of Kiley's birthday this week. What if we all did a random act of kindness for another to celebrate Kiley's life in heaven? I am sure God is throwing her a huge party, after all, He dreamed her up. But, we down here can get in on the celebration by doing something for someone else in the name of Jesus and in her memory. A random act of kindness doesn't even have to cost anything! I would love to hear what you come up feel free to post...even if it is anonymous! Happy 27th Kiley, and happy eternity.

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Anonymous said...

I have another daughter I just adopted....sort of. I, in honor of Kiley, am sponsoring a young girl from Africa. Her name is Racheal Esi Benyi. She goes by Esi. She and her family live in Ghana.
Her birthday is August 19...
So, happy birthday Kiley and little Esi!