Friday, August 20, 2010

ESV Study Bible!

I have to tell you a fun little God-story. I knew I wanted the ESV study bible, but at CBO it was $70. Eric said he would gladly get it for me for Christmas, but I didn't want to wait! So, I checked on Amazon and it was $45! Still not wanting to spend that much, I waited. After keeping some kids for a friend, they blessed us with an Amazon gift card!!! I have never received an Amazon gift card before and they didn't know about my desire for this Bible. So, can you believe God gifted me with this bible for only $20 and I didn't have to wait til Christmas! How fun is that?

I received it in the mail yesterday, Kiley's birthday. I think God just wanted to bless me with something a little special on that day. I opened it up, inhaled the fresh leather bible scent and allowed my fingers to peruse the gold-rimmed pages. There is something holy about getting a new bible. It speaks of a new journey with you and your Redeemer. It shouts promises of knowing Him on an even deeper level. It is a terrifying thing, getting a new bible, because all the sudden, you don't know where a single book of the bible is to be found. It is as if you have to relearn where everything is. But I am willing to take that journey.

Let me tell you how much I think I am going to love this study bible! The day before I received it, I was reading in 1st Kings 19, where the Lord speaks to Elijah. You know, where God wasn't in the wind, earthquake, or fire, but in the low whisper. I was confused at why this demonstration was needed, because in just a few previous verses, it says that "the word of the LORD came to him..." We already know that Elijah can hear God's voice, so what was the point?

Elijah had come off a huge victory (Mount Carmel where the fire of the One True God consumes the burnt offering...including the rocks. Have you ever seen fire consume rocks?) Jezebel hears about her Baal prophets getting slaughtered and decides to put a hex on Elijah's life. Elijah freaks out and runs. He runs without hearing from the Lord.

So, God asks him (19:9), "What are you doing here, Elijah?" And Elijah goes into this spiel about how he has done everything that God has asked and now his life is in danger.

Then, we see God tell Elijah to go stand on the mount (come out of the cave where you are hiding.) Does Elijah obey? No...not til God's demonstration of wind, earthquake, and fire is completed. (In our house, we try and instill in our boys that if it isn't first time obedience, then it really isn't obedience at all.) So, he finally comes out of the cave and God asks him again: "What are you doing here, Elijah?"

He gives the exact same response. Word for word.

According to the study notes, (which have I mentioned I love?) the whole point of that demonstration was to get Elijah to see things get him to answer the question that God had asked in a different way. To maybe see things from God's point of view.

Seeing God in the way that God chose to reveal Himself didn't seem to change Elijah's current attitude. He seemed to forget all that God had done with him and through him...miraculous provision, raising of a dead child, etc. Elijah is so consumed with his fear that he has forgotten just who His God is.

I know the above only touches on the many awesome things about 1 Kings 19, but I wanted to share about how this bible is already starting to expand my thinking!

Have a great weekend!

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what a cool story beck!!