Monday, August 30, 2010

A Special Grace for Women...

For my female friends...

You probably know by now that you and the men in your life are not the same. At all. Let's go back to Genesis for a minute and see if perhaps God has put a special grace on your life in certain areas.

God created man from the earth and woman from the man. So, in a sense, females are doubly complex and more emotionally in tune with things. Obviously, women have the ability to conceive and give birth to things.

Women have a special grace given by God to bring life into situations. Men have a unique capacity to bring order and structure to an environment. But a woman enlivens that place. It is like the old saying...only a woman can make a house a home.

So, what does this mean in the spiritual realm? I think that when it comes to prayer, you, female friend, are very, very powerful. You have the ability to conceive how a situation can glorify God and then you have the ability to pray forth life over the situation until it actually gives birth and becomes reality.

I am not saying that men shouldn't pray...but women seem to be bent towards this since they are better in tune with things emotionally.

You have the ability to birth breakthroughs and release life through your intercessory prayer! Your prayers for your children, husband, church, friends, and country can literally release new beginnings...beginnings that will glorify God!

I believe our nation is at a crossroads of sorts. It is either going to continue on the decline or have an awakening. What if our prayers for our nation birthed a return to God and His righteous ways? What if our prayers bring forth life into situations that would have otherwise ended in death?

Satan doesn't want you praying. He knows that Jesus Christ (God with us) came to the world through a woman's power to give birth! (God obviously didn't need a female's help, but He allowed her to participate...just like in prayer!) He also knows that your intercessory prayer does powerful actually releases new beginnings!

Lord, release the women of God and release the power of prayer in our lives! Don't let us believe the lie that says we can't make a difference or that our prayers don't actually bring forth life!

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Anonymous said...

This is great! Can you send a copy to my e-mail so I can send it to my class.