Friday, August 6, 2010

Rendered Effective

Satan wants you rendered ineffective. He doesn't stop pestering a person once they become a child of God. In fact, I think he kicks things into high gear once a person is redeemed because he doesn't want the glory and freedom that shines through that person to dare reach another person. Grace results in bloody and bound wrists being unchained and once a believer has experienced that, the devil will do anything to convince that child of God to put the yoke of slavery back on.

He wants you ineffective for the Kingdom. He knows you inside and out. His plan for you being ineffective is different than his plan for me. He is cunning and knows how to do it in a way that you don't even know what is happening. He may bring up feelings of insecurity so that you don't participate in something, even though you know you are gifted in that area. He may tell you not to study the Bible because he convinces you that you don't do it the right way. He may tell you that you have no friends so that you are forced to sit at home every night, having nothing to offer those that truly need to hear what you have to say.

He is sneaky. And we need to be onto his schemes.

What areas are you gifted? What do you participate in that makes the very essence of you sing for joy? What talents do you have, when offered to those around you, make you feel like your life is full of purpose for the kingdom? I guarantee you that you have gifts. Ask the Holy Spirit to whisper them into your being if you are unsure of what they are. Fan them into flame!

As Beth Moore says, the Forgiven is characterized by what she DOES for God. When you get it down deep into your being that the Almighty has set you free, then the only response is one of action. One of worship and adoration and a desire to use your gifts for His glory alone.

I know Satan renders me ineffective 80 percent of the time by using fear. It is the tactic that works with me and he knows it well. He tells me I will fail at something, so I don't even give it a go. He tells me that God Almighty won't be pleased with the outcome, so I don't even try my hand at it.

I need to quit playing everything in life so safe. Risk for God is a good thing. Matthew 25 even tells us that the Master was quite pleased when people risked what they were given in order to seek a return for God. On the other hand, the Master was furious when people hid their talents, knowing they were safe from the enemy and other's eyes if they were buried.

I am about the most cautious person I know. And I am tired of not living. I want to be effective for the Kingdom. I want to shackle Satan himself with the chains of fear that he is trying to use to choke the very life out of me. I want whatever talent or gifting I have to be multiplied back to God Himself...for His glory and not my advancement. Even if those giftings require going out on a limb.

God, please render me effective!


The Disheroons said...

You Go Girl

Erica said...

sister...awesome (the post, where your heart is, etc.)

also, something I need to print out and stick in my Bible so I can read frequently :)