Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And Then He Was 5.

This will be a picture post. Because if I start typing, I will have to start wiping away the tears. And I don't have time for that, because I have to prepare to party! Happy 5th Sam!


Anonymous said...


I love you very much son.


Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy 5th Birthday Sam!
We love you and are thinking of you today. Hope your party is a Blast!

P.S. you can stop growing so fast now.
Love you, Mim and Sir

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Sam! You are my favorite 5 yr. old boy in the whole wide world. I hope your birthday is the greatest ever. We love you!
Papa, Bebe, and Gramdmother

Kellis said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, sweet Sam. We love you so much and miss being with you. Hope you have the best fifth birthday there ever was. We will call later. LOVE YOU!

Michelle said...

He is so precious! Love those pictures. Happy Birthday Sam!