Saturday, September 11, 2010

Let the Games Begin!

...and it begins. Sam started soccer this year, along with Eli. That means two games every Saturday morning for 8 weeks. But it is so much fun to watch! When Sam's game started, the weather looked pretty ominous, so I left the camera in the car...and of course, it came a downpour. They played in the rain until the first bolt of lightening struck, and then we were outta there, baby. I was huddled underneath my small umbrella while Eli and Cade chased little green frogs everywhere.

They only played til halftime, but Sam scored! YAY! You should have seen his expression! It was just priceless...he went "yes" and then then did the little arm thrust victory. He later gave Dad/Coach a double high five. Love to see him finally getting to do things his big brothers do.

We ran home for an hour, trying to see if the rain would subside, which it did. Then, we headed out to game #2 where Eli dominated the field during the second half. It is fun to have these teams be co-ed...there are some fierce girls out there! Cade enjoyed catching frogs once again. He is now dubbed the frog whisperer because one little fella latched onto him for about 10 minutes and wouldn't let go.

Oh, and I bought a zoom lens which makes capturing kids' sporting events way-way-way fun!

Happy Saturday!

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Jenni said...

I feel like you wrote this post about our morning on Saturday. We were out there, too, in the rain for Reece's 5 minute soccer game. Once it started thundering and lightning we were packing it up like crazy and yelling at Ethan "PUT DOWN THE FROG!!!!!!" Boys! :)