Friday, September 24, 2010

While Attached To My Motor...

All hope is lost.  I don't think I'll ever get to walk/jog again by myself.  Ever. 

You see, I started taking our 70 pound lap dog, Savannah, a few weeks ago with me.  And now she is addicted.  All I have to do is grab my ipod and she is running around in circles and doing the beg stance on her hind legs.  Which is really quite funny on a 70 pound dog.

So, she is now dubbed my motor.  Cause, for goodness sakes, I can't go at the pace I want.  I have to go at hers.  Which is remarkably fast.  For me, anyway.

And leaving her behind seems to be out of the question.  Because I have a heart and can't turn down such a sweet face.  So, since we both need exercise, I guess I have a new walking/jogging buddy.

Don't kid yourself, she isn't in it all for the exercise.  She enjoys sniffing up all the horse manure that was left behind from the fair parade.  She enjoys meeting new people and sniffing on other dogs.  And she loves to say "squirrel" and yank my arm socket out of place.

So, here are two corny spiritual things I learned today:
1.  The tiniest piece of gravel that somehow sneaks its way into your shoe really is a nuisance.  (Translation:  even the tiniest sin in my life is going to disrupt the flow and pace that God and I are on in this adventure of knowing Him.)

2.  The most beautiful flower can appear in the most random and barren piece of land.  (Translation:  "don't think that I am not creating something beautiful out of you even though you feel like you are in the desert.")

It's Friday, ya'll!

{What??? Spell checker doesn't think "ya'll" is a word???   We all know the posting software wasn't created in the south, now, don't we, sweet thangs!?}

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