Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Day I Shout Freedom

The time was upon me once again: school picture order form day. I have wrestled with this for at least a year. You know, throwing down an insane amount of money for one shot of your child that will never be stuck in a frame. But, you do it because it is the status quo, the perfect Mommy thing to do, fear of teachers and peers looking down on them for not ordering a package, the feelings of "I will feel guilty if I don't"...well, you know the story.

And so last night as I was discussing this with Eric, we decided to forego the $60 (that is the $20 cheapest package times three kids.) We knew the pictures would only be filed away into a memory folder, never to be shared or framed, because, really, the pictures never quite capture the essence of our kids anyway.

So, today, I shout freedom! Today I shout that I have been set free from human traditions that hold us in chains.

Well, at least until the soccer picture order form comes due.

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