Saturday, September 25, 2010

Soccer Fest/Mania/5 Hour Event!

Soccer Fest 2010.  When you are there for 5 hours and decide the best thing to do is take 202 pictures of your kids playing the game.  Could there be anything more fun?  I think not.
Above:  I think this was Sam's 6th goal of the day...he got things figured out!
Below:  I would be perfectly happy if his front teeth never came in.  Have you ever seen anything more irresistible in your life?

 Sometimes it is fun to see other bloggy friends!  Hey Heather!  I bet I know where that pic of AK is going to end up!
 There is a story behind these white shoes.  Any parent in their right frame of mind wouldn't let a kid get white soccer shoes...knowing what they will look like after just one game!  But, Sam insisted.  It was as if his heart had been set on them his whole life.  (Plus he didn't want to look the same as his brother.)

 I have a lot of pics with his tongue hanging out while he is running.  Pretty cute.
 Sam loves to give his Dad a high five after he makes a goal!
 Hey, wait a minute!  This is soccer not tackle football.  I think Sam was a little surprised by that one!

 I guess I better add a pic of Eli!  He did great...aggressive as always.
 And it wouldn't be a soccer day without some entertainment from the frogs.  Cade was stashing them in his pocket...I think he had about 15 at one time hidden in there!
We later watched the HOGS with our awesome friends and ate some super duper yummy game food...7 layer mexican dip, potato casserole, salad, ribs, chicken, and DQ ice cream cake.  The good food made the loss a little bit better to handle. 


Amelia said...

They are soooo cute.... I wish I was related to them! Oh wait- I am!! = ) yay for nephews!

Heather said...

We saw the frogs, too and Connor wanted to take one home!!!! Guess what his Momma's answer was?!?!?!?! :) I wanted to come over and say "Hi" but we were rushing down to our second game before I got a chance!!! Glad you had a good day. You are definitely Soccer Mom Extraordinare!!! Love ya!

The Disheroons said...

food always makes things better.

Baby Blues and Wrestling Moves said...

So cute! He really looks like Kirby to me :)