Monday, September 13, 2010

This and That

  • Do you like a good list? Me too, so here we go!
  • Oh, I just love bullets. They put everything in such good order.
  • Today in the car, Sam informed me that he is marrying Jessie. Since I don't know a Jessie, I asked 'who is Jessie'...he said, 'you know, Jessie on Toy Story.'
  • He told me he wants to kiss Jessie
  • And marry her
  • And when they are married, they will celebrate his birthday
  • She will buy him a moobie (movie)
  • Because apparently that is what makes a good marriage: a kiss and a good moobie
  • I am eating a small portion of an oreo milkshake from Sonic
  • Cade is eating the large portion of it
  • While Sam and Eli and Daddy are at soccer practice
  • shhhh, don't tell them
  • Yesterday in worship, I saw the most precious uplifting thing ever
  • My ten year old was raising his hands and singing his heart out
  • And I looked at a little boy named Andrew, just a little fella as well, and he had his hand stuck up, worshipping his God and not afraid of doing it
  • And I thought, "and a little child shall lead them"
  • And it totally made my week and blessed my soul
  • Tomorrow is the first fall Ranch Hands meeting...if you want info, let me know
  • Ranch Hands bless Soaring Wings Ranch
  • I cleaned my house today
  • I love a clean house
  • It stayed that way until precisely 3:45 when the brood of brothers entered the door
  • And then it threw up again
  • I made a pot of soup tonight
  • I know it was almost 90 degrees today
  • But I can't help myself
  • By golly, if I say it is soup season, then it is
  • These bullets are sure fun, huh
  • My baby will be 5 in 2 days
  • I have no words for that
  • My Momma says her baby will be 22 in 10 days
  • I don't think she has any words either
  • Don't you love random posts
  • I need a good crockpot recipe
  • Would you be so kind to post one on your blog for me
  • thanks and love you like there is no tomorrow
  • I started the Beth Moore "Inheritance" study and it is going to be kick awesome
  • We sold one of our rent houses last month
  • We got an unexpected escrow check in the mail today
  • Can I get a 'hallelujah'
  • thanks
  • Savannah drug my heinie around the park today for a walk that turned into a sprint for her
  • How do you spell heinie?
  • I am just a tad jealous of my sister in law who is going to Europe
  • Without kids
  • With her man
  • And a camera
  • sigh
  • I am going to sign off now
  • I must say, bullet points are quite addictive
  • love ya
  • bye bye


Anonymous said...

I just discoverd how to use them a few months ago, and I agree, I do love them. (Couldn't figure out how to use them in this comment section, though!).

Kirby said...

Just an FYI: Everybody compares Jennifer to Jessie from Toy Story...and for good reason! Inform Sam to stay away from my "Jessie" but I'd be glad to help him find his own!

Kelli said...

Love the bullets. It's so concise. I felt like I could read all of that so fast and now I know so much more about you.

And try not to be too jealous. I'll think of you every time I take a picture and wish that I had your skill behind the lens. I will do my best to make you proud though. :) LOVE YA!