Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Wedding Coordinator

Let me introduce you to my wedding photography gopher/assistant/second shooter/navigator/doctor/joke teller/people manager and friend: Michelle.

Here we are...about to brave the 100 degree fall heat in order to go capture a beautiful and I mean beautiful wedding. (Hence my slicked back ugly hair do of the day...didn't want to be thinking about sweaty hair running down my back all day long.)

I am no fool when it comes to choosing someone to assist me on these big days! And this weekend, I realized just how much God graced me with her presence. You see, she is so good at what she does that even the preacher man was asking her where the rings were.

No, 'keeper of rings' is not even in her job description.

But, she is so 'in the know' that people just assume she knows it all.

Which she probably does.

You see, this past weekend, she was promoted to the wedding coordinator.

Here are just a few of the ways that Michelle proved invaluable:
*keeping my equipment safe and accessible
*ensuring that the wedding party is where they are supposed to be for pictures
*swapping out my sopping wet shoes for a fresh pair after I stepped in Sophie (the dog's) bowl of water (even tho she despises touching other's shoes and feet)
*getting the scoop on family dynamics
*making sure I stay hydrated
*making sure I take the shots on my list
*becoming a second shooter during the ceremony
*keeping the guests laughing
*noticing stray hairs and other details while I am shooting
*being my prayer warrior during the days leading up to the wedding
*coming to my rescue when someone says something that I don't know how to respond to
*reading my maps so that we can actually arrive at the correct destination
*keeping me smiling whereas I might be starting to fall apart if left to myself
*making a day that could be quite stressful a rather fun experience

Is she underpaid? Totally!!! Is she invaluable? Yes!!!

You can see some pictures from the Bridwell/Johnson wedding at

It is a slideshow...there are directions below the slideshow to tell you how to view it in full screen. The very last picture is Michelle's. As always, she was able to provide a different, unique, and beautiful perspective on things.

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